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This is a list of the products of T. Landis Designs:

Zen Warrior Berets

Zen Warrior Hand-Dyed 100% Wool Beret
Our principle product is the Zen Warrior Hand-Dyed 100% Wool Beret. By laying colors over each other on wool berets, Tracy Lea Landis has developed a method of making paintings for the head, art to wear mandalas. The Zen Warrior beret is dyed in layers of vibrant and permanent color on 100% wool berets knitted in the Czech Republic, using a true resist process, often called "tye-dye."
Hand-Dyed Cotton Clothing Hand-Dyed Cotton Clothing
Unique dye methods of the designer, Tracy Lea Landis, create durable color on cotton dresses and T-shirts.
Tie-Dyed Silk Hangings Fine Art
This, of course, means the kind you hang on the wall. Check out the silk canvas wall hangings of Tracy Lea Landis

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