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Why Paying by Credit Card at PayPal is Better

If you are going to pay for your Zen Warrior purchase by credit card, we will be using the secure services of the PayPal company to make the transaction.

The Shopping Cart ordering process on the Zen Warrior website leads you through an easy form to fill out, if you don't already have a PayPal account.

The PayPal company has a commercial setup that is designed to collect and record your sensitive personal data. eBay auction participants around the world have been using PayPal for years.

That's why using PayPal is so cool for etrade between you and I.

When we do the credit card thing through PayPal, you are assured much more security and protection for your credit card information than we could ever provide you. No one here sees, writes down or stores on our hard drive anything about your credit card information. We just happily ship your order.

It's easy to sign up to be a member of PayPal and there's no cost to you for sending me your payment.

Click here to get answers to all your questions about PayPal


Those Important Copyrights

Another thing that we have a great respect for at Zen Warrior is the privacy of our friends and the copyrights of other hard-working people.

We try to get appropriate permissions and signed waivers from everyone who is pictured on our site and credit all photographers who wish to be credited and whose work is on our site and otherwise respect the work of others who contribute to Zen Warrior.

If there is anyone who takes issue with us for photo credits or permission to use their image or any other reason you might have to object to any photo or link that appears on the Zen Warrior website, please contact

We Don't Sell Our Lists

Our email list is not for sale, not even to promote the Zen Warrior website. We don't belong to any promotion groups that require us to enlist others in anything. We communicate through our collected mailing list occasionally and add an Unsubscribe procedure to all our mass mailings.

Firewalls and Anti-Virus

Every effort is made to protect our computers from intrusion to minimize the risk that anyone is hacking information from our hard drives. We also try to maintain adequate virus protection to minimize the risk that any of the messages or attached files we send are bearing any contamination. We try to stay informed about computer security and piracy issues so that we can build the Zen Warrior site to be, and stay, as safe and secure as possible.

However, since we cannot guarantee that our drives won't be hacked or infected with a virus, we advise you to protect yourself in a similar fashion.

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