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One Size Fits All

The head opening of a Zen Warrior Berets stretches to fit any size head.

Zen Warrior Berets are knitted in the Basque style in the Czech Republic. They are made of 100% wool.

The head opening of a Zen Warrior Beret is molded by the wearer for a personal fit.

Gently tugging on the brim or head opening stretches it to fit your own head size.


All T. Landis Designs garments bear the Zen Warrior label, woven into a 1/2 inch black ribbon.

On the Zen Warrior Beret, the label is stitched to the outside of the brim.


All T. Landis dyes are permanent and colorfast, on Zen Warrior Hand-Dyed Wool Berets and on the cotton garments.


The hand-dyeing I do is durable immersion processed color on the cotton and rayon garments, created by fiber reactive dyes permanently bonded to the cellulosic fiber.

T. Landis cotton garments are fully machine washable. The rayon garments should be washed more gently, either on a gentle cycle in the th machine or, better yet, gently hand washed.

Zen Warrior 100% Wool Berets can be hand washed but must be carefully reblocked to dry.



Color placement controlled by the hand-dyeing technique of Designer Tracy Lea Landis.

The distinctive T. Landis Designs effect created by true resist and chemical processes that you can see in the surface design.

Wearable Art

Painterly colors applied, one at a time, from the creative palette of experienced Colorist Tracy Lea Landis.

To contact Tracy Lea Landis at T. Landis Designs, send email to tll@zenwarrior.com
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