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Tracy Lea Landis, Proprietor

T. Landis Designs was created in 1988, when Designer Tracy Lea Landis started her line of custom dyed cotton clothing while still an undergrad at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin.

This led to commission dyeing for designers of hand-woven rugs; clients who need custom color matching in larger specialty quantities. Landis has been dyeing to these demanding specifications for over ten years.

The processes of coloring wool for the rug-weaving trade led the way to the development of our premier wearable art product, the Zen Warrior Hand-Dyed Beret, the principal product of T. Landis Designs.

Tracy Lea Landis resides and works just outside Menomonie, Wisconsin, located in Dunn County in the beautiful Chippewa Valley.

The Zen Warrior trademark is a federally registered mark and has been used in interstate commerce since 1991. It is a possession of Tracy Lea Landis, owner and proprietor of T. Landis Designs.Click here to see the Zen Warrior Dye facilities

The Zen Warrior logo was designed by Master Sign Painter Bryce Landis, now deceased.

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About T. Landis Designs

Our mission at T. Landis Designs is to create durable and beautiful color on cotton and wool apparel and raw materials.

Our principle product is the Zen Warrior Hand Dyed 100% Wool Beret.The Zen Warrior beret is dyed in layers of vibrant and permanent color, using a true resist process, often called tye-dye.

Other products that carry the Zen Warrior logo include cotton hand-dyed clothing, currently done on a commission basis, and our embroidered logo clothing.

We also do custom dyeing for the hand-weaving trades.

We specialize in critical color matching to specification on orders between 20 and 300 pounds.

Press Release
RE: Zen Warrior Granted Federal Registration
Dated October 18, 1999 and published verbatim in the Dunn County News

Menomonie Designer Tracy Lea Landis is proud to announce that her trademark, Zen Warrior, has just been granted the status of a registered federal trademark.

Landis, who does hand-dyeing and color matching, developed the trademark to use on her principal product, the Zen Warrior Hand-Dyed Wool Beret.

"Now it officially applies to all clothing and only I can use it," said Landis. "I will be putting the Zen Warrior label on my dyed cotton clothing and also having it embroidered on sweatshirts and things."

Landis, who graduated from the apparel design program of the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 1989 with minors in business and art, came up with the phrase "Zen Warrior" as an undergraduate.

"I coined the term while I was still in college to describe my design style," Landis said. "Back then people were very perplexed by the concept and they would ask how I could use the two words together."

"Now people are totally tuned in to what it would mean to be a Zen Warrior," Landis said.

The Zen Warrior was recently featured in a Wisconsin Trails article about gifts made by artisans in Wisconsin.

The Zen Warrior Hand-Dyed Beret can be purchased from Dunn County Pottery in Downsville or directly from the website at http://zenwarrior.com.

"I can make a picture of a Zen Warrior beret to email to the potential customer on the Internet," Landis said, "So I can send a picture of a beret I actually have on hand."

"They can choose the exact one they want, no matter where in the world they are," Landis said, "And we can match the color to their coat or whatever."

To contact Tracy Lea Landis at T. Landis Designs, send email to tll@zenwarrior.com
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